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There are fantastic sites dealing with the oil, gas and coal industry, the hydrocarbon industry. But isn't it difficult to keep track of the developments? You need to visit different sites to get informed. Until now!

Search the web

We present a news aggregator based on all relevant sites! Our smart search engine gives you access to all news with one search box. Thus you get access to the all the news on the web. The research of background information on companies, oil fields, contracts or environmental issues is just one click away. Find out more on search help.

Your social community in oil, gas, coal

OGC offers you a social website dedicated to the hydrocarbon industry. Connect with people or companies in the industry and share  your experience.

Read classified news

We import the RSS feeds of other portals and tag them according to news topics, regions, financial transaction, upstream or downstream activities.


Together we build a directory of companies or oil fields and discuss hydrocarbon issues in a forum. If you are an expert, why not starting your own blog on this site.

Oilgascoal: The one-stop shop in hydrocarbons.

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Saturday, 19 August 2017

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